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Carioca Grill offers Brazilian and American dishes made fresh daily. The items that we offer change daily so stop by and see what we are offering today!!
(Traditional Brazilian Black Beans Stew w/ Sausages, and Meats) 

BEEF                                                      CHICKEN

Roast Beef                                             Chicken stew
Beef Stew                                               Grilled Chicken breast
Meatballs                                                Roasted Chicken
Beef Stroganoff                                      Chicken Francese
Beef Roulade                                         Stuffed chicken w/ veggies
Beef Parmegiana                                   Chicken Marsala
Short ribs stew w/ vegetables                Chicken Roulade
Oxtail stew w/ vegetables                       Fried Chicken Wings
Brisket                                                    Chicken Pie(Empadao de Frango)
Grilled Beef w/ onion                              Chicken Parmegiana
Ground Beef                                           Arroz con Pollo
Beef Pie (Escondidinho de Carne)         Chicken Stroganoff
Beef Empanadas (Pastel)                      Chicken w/Okra
                                                               Chicken Teriyaki
                                                              Chicken Empanadas (Pastel)

Moqueca de peixe / Fish stew w/ palm oil &coconut milk
Fillet of Sole in Garlic Sauce & many other sauces
Fried Fillet of Sole
Bacalhau stew w/ pepper onions and sliced potatoes
Tilapia in many sauces
Fish Empanadas (Pastel)
Shrimp Stew                                        PORK
Shrimp Scampi                                    SpareRibs (Regular or BBQ) 
Shrimp in Baiana Sauce                      Pernil    
Salmon in Mango Sauce                     Pork Tenderloin
Shrimp Soufflé                                    Pork Chops
Shrimp w/ Chayote
Seafood Rissoto
Shrimp Empanadas (Pastel)

  PASTA     (Linguini, Fettuccini, Spaghetti, Penne)   
Pasta in Tomato Sauce
Pasta in Alfredo
Pasta in Oil & Garlic                            Potato Salad
Pasta in Pesto Sauce                          Ceaser Salad
                                               Greek Salad    
Lasagna                                               Mix Green     
Ravioli                                                  Vinagrete
                                                             Salpicao (Brazilian Chicken Salad)
                                                             and lots of other veggies...



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